Arjen Mensinga

Producer – Mixer – Sounddesign – Engineering

Featured video: Duncan Laurence live at the Today show at NBC (US)

About me


 For me, the focus of producing or mixing music is communication. Find out what the artist is trying to express through his or her music, enhance that message, and make it accessible for a larger audience so they, too, can understand it. Communication between the producer and the artist, and between the artist and the audience – this is the key to making music.

After my formal education in Holland and the U.K., I began my audio career right at Wisseloord; starting as an intern, progressing into an in-house engineer. I then travelled the world to refine and broaden my skills, landing enviable positions at studios such as Abbey Road (London), PlusXXX (Paris), Teldex (Berlin), Mosfilm (Moscow), and Sound Inn Studio in Tokyo.

After the rebuild of Wisseloord studios, I felt the urge to return to the place where my life in music began. I worked with Simple Minds, U2, Ilse DeLange, Duncan Laurence, David Guetta, Toots Thielemans, Armin van Buuren, 50 Cent, Damien Rice, Marco Borsato, Anouk, and on scoring/cast albums for Roi Lion, Aladdin, Little Mermaid scoring, Disney USA, Stage Entertainment Worldwide and many more. 

Portfolio – highlights

Below you find a gallery of the projects I worked on. A lot of projects took place in the famous Wisseloord studios, but also in Abbey Road, PlusXXX in Paris, Officine Mechanine in Milano, Movie studios in Moscow, Sound INN in Tokyo, many different studios all over Germany. Please reach out if you have questions about these projects.


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